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Chabahar Free Zone

- Located in a strategic point, out of the Persian Gulf, south-east of Iran in the Oman Sea with direct access to the international waterways.
- Being situated at the crossroads of trade activities between neighboring countries, the Far East, Middle East, Central Independent States (C.I.S.) and Africa.
- Pleasant and moderate climate, both in winter and summer makes Chabahar the coolest southern city of Iran.
- Access to a market with more than 300 million customers.
- Capacity of several tons per year. Now five ships with 25,000 ton capacity can berth in the port simultaneously.
- Marine resources, supporting investment in marine and fishing and related industries.
- Availability of various rich mines and access to minerals in concentrated forms.
- Easy access to fossil fuels at lower prices.
- Unlimited land availability for future expansion of large industries.
- Easy access to the mainland of Iran and its market.
- Availability of agricultural, mineral, chemical and petrochemical raw materials from the mainland.
- Fresh water from Piscine Dam, Electricity and Telecommunications facilities.
- Access to Chabahar airport for wide-body aircrafts with daily flights.
- Suitable first class roads to the mainland, Pakistan, Afghanistan, shortest possible routes to C.I.S. countries (1.850 km to Turkmenistan).
- Construction of a 1500 km straight Railway between Chabahar to the northern border of Iran is on stream.
- Inexpensive construction materials and installation costs.
- Availability of the Iranian skilled, semi-skilled, and simple work-force.

Economic Incentives
In order to encourage and support Iranian and foreign investment, Chabahar Free Zone provides numerous economic incentives, including the following:
- Foreign investment guarantees on capital and earned profit.
- Unlimited free movement of capital and earned profit.
- Possibility of using financial Iranian off-shore bank branches.
- Availability of insurance coverage.
- Free entry and exit for raw materials, semi-finished goods, machinery, etc.
- Possibility of recruitment of foreign experts in investment plans.
- No need for entry visa for foreigners.
- In case of producing goods in the Zone, a part of the product can be sent to the Iranian market.
- This portion is equal to the added-value created in the Zone.
- The added-value will be evaluated by a committee consisting of: Representatives from Ministries of Industry, Commerce, the Central Bank of Iran, Custom House, C.F.Z. and the office of the Secretary of the High Council of Iranian Free Zones. Added-value is calculated based on this formula:
(C.I.F. value of finished product -C.I.F. value of the Imported foreign raw materials)
(C.I.F. value of finished product) - The only difference between Iranian’s and the investors from other nations is that foreigners can not buy, but only lease the land.
- The Labor Relations and Regulations in the Zone are based on written agreements between employer and employee.
- Companies and branches for all kinds of economic activities can be registered in the Zone.
- Possibility of Chabahar Free Zone partnership in some investment projects.

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