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Al-Kauthar Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

It is an open secret that the rise and fall of human civilization is manifest with the development and progress in education. The golden ages of Islamic history and the present day miserable situation of the Muslims is a glaring example of this very fact.
It is very amazing that during the heights of Muslim excellence in science and education, the western world was passing through dark ages. However, the situation at present is totally reverse. The Muslims are left far-behind in science and technology, and have closed the doors of research and inquiry, which has created backwardness, intolerance, extremism and narrow mindedness in the Muslim societies.
This state of affairs require that the Muslims should once again seek guidance from divine teachings and excel in contemporary branches of education with same zeal and quest, which was the distinction of earlier Muslim periods. The only recourse to rekindle the Muslim past glory is to make advances in modern thinking and research.
Keeping in view the above objectives, a modern religious education center, Al Kauthar Islamic University was founded in 1990 in Islamabad, in the heart of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In 2002, this center finally started its educational journey. The aims and objectives of this center of excellence of the Shia world are given in the following paragraphs.
The real aim for the establishment of this center is a unique education system that is a mixture of religious and contemporary fields of education. However, through modern techniques and methods, the center would not only cater for educational, research and moral up-keep of the students but would also endeavors to make the large duration syllabi into a short, compact and effective syllabi.
The fundamental aims of this center are:-
1. To purify the existing religious education.
2. To make it conversant with contemporary requirements.
To create awareness in moral, religious and modern teachings, without undermining the importance and original essence of the religious education system. As a result to produce scholars, preachers, researchers and theoreticians for the future generation, who educationally and practically are so strong that they can undo the different negative and alien trends in the society, introduce the true spirit of Islam to the world in contemporary languages, and can meet the challenges faced to the Muslim world philosophically and practically.
Faculty of Quranic Sciences
Faculty of Hadith
Faculty of Islamic Kalam (Theology)
Faculty of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and Fundamentals of Jurisprudence
Faculty of Philosophy
I.T. Department
English Department

The total area of Al Kauthar Islamic University is 25000 square meters. It s situated in H-8 sector of Islamabad, which is an educational sector and has various colleges and universities.
The main features of University building are:-
1. Administrative Block Comprises of 11 rooms, cafeteria, Operator room, wash rooms, lobby and corridor
2. Auditorium Block Comprising of Main Hall, open lobby hall, preparation room and wash rooms
3. Academic Block
a. 19 lecture rooms
b. Central building (G. Floor) Library + 14 rooms + Wash room
c. 2 large community halls (1st floor) for men and women.
d. Central building (2nd floor) Mosque.
4. Hostels
a. Block A
4 story building with 114 rooms. Each room can accommodate 3 students.
b. Block B
4 story building with 114 rooms. Each room can accommodate 3 students.
5. Teachers Residential Block
a. Ground floor Restaurant, mini Super market, Kitchen
b. 1st floor 8 flats for teacher
c. 2nd floor. 8 flats for teachers
d. 3rd floor 8 flats for teachers
6. 2 parking lots adjacent to Admin Block for teachers, students and guests.
Green Area, Play Grounds etc.

System of Education
The importance of an institution is gauged through its educational system, its standards, aims and objectives and their inter-relation. These are the significant aspects of Al Kauthar's educational system, which are divided into four phases.
1. General phase 3 years
2. Specialized phase 4 years
3. Pre doctoral phase 2 years
4. Doctoral phase 3-6 years
General Phase:
This would be the beginning of Al Kauthar's educational system, which would be of three years duration. This phase would cover fundamentals of fiqh and a comprehensive introduction of different other fields of education. This phase would cover besides the subjects of science and computers, the learning of English and Arabic. The pre-requisite for admission to this phase is that a student must have successfully completed at least three years of basic religious education in a recognized religious institution.
Specialized Phase:
This phase would be of four years duration in which higher level learning of fiqh would be imparted, besides the students would be introduced to the selected parts of the specialized fields.
Pre-doctoral Phase:
This would be of two years duration divided into two phases of one year each. In the 1st year some subjects of the relevant faculty and fundamentals of research methodology would be taught. In the 2nd year, the students would be required to write a research thesis of 50,000 words. A student would be given one-year (maximum) extension for the completion of thesis on the recommendation of his supervisor, by the research board. This phase is important, as the students would be trained and tested for higher research studies leading to Ph.D./Ijtihad [Mutajazzi]. For admission to this phase require two years of teaching experience in a recognized religious educational institution.
Doctoral/Ijtihad [Mutajazzi] Phase:
It would be the earnest endeavor to create facilities of higher research and teaching for the students, and every effort would be made to facilitate/provide opportunities to the students who want to excel in one of the fields of specialization as scholars.
Only those students would be entertained who have at least three years of teaching experience in a recognized religious educational institution and have proven themselves in research and writings.
The duration of this phase would be 3-6 years. The student would be required to write a dissertation of 80,000-100,000 words and give two public seminars on his field of research. The Ph.D. degree would be awarded to the student once his research has been approved by two out of three research advisors/professors and he successfully defends his research findings through viva-voice by a research board.
Educational year:
The Al Kauthar educational system would be guided by Christian calendar. Friday would be weekly holiday, besides summer vacations, winter and Muharram. Following would be the distinct features: -
1. The institution would be run on semester system.
2. Every semester would be of 115 days.
3. There would be six classes of 42 credit hours, in each semester.
Examination and Grading:
1. Every subject is compulsory; therefore the students would be required to pass it.
2. 50% marks would be allocated for tests/assignments/quiz during the semester and for 50% marks would be a written examination at the end of every semester.
3. The grading would be in the following manner:
60% Pass
60% - 69% C Grade
70% - 79% B Grade
80% - 89% A Grade
90% - 100% A+ Grade
Student obtaining less than 60% marks would be considered fail.
4. A student failed in one subject can repeat it for once only.
5. A student failed in two subjects would be discharged from the institution.
6. Any student, who does not appear in the exams, without proper permission, would be marked zero and his case would be referred to the disciplinary committee.
7. A student can take a repeat exam, provided he has been granted permission, due to genuine reasons, by the competent authority.
It is obligatory to every student has the religious obligation that he should abide the Islamic, social and moral values at the Al Kauthar.
1. A student is not allowed to interact with any employee of the Al Kauthar Islamic University. He should contact the concerned Incharge for any problem faced.
2. Every student has to follow rules and regulations prescribed by the management of the Al Kauthar Islamic University.
3. Every student would wear uniform within the University premises.
4. No student would be allowed to change the room once allotted. However, Incharge/warden can change the room keeping in view the administration/lodging problem.
5. Every student is required to keep his room and belonging neat and clean.
6. It is the responsibilities of everyone to safeguard the University assets; therefore nobody is allowed to use anything without prior permission.
7. Guests are not allowed in the hostels.
8. Important guests, with prior approval, can be met only in specified room.
9. Nobody is allowed meetings and telephone calls during the classes.

1. Teachers would call the roll at the start of every class.
2. Any student coming and going out of the class would be treated as absent.
3. A student entering into the class ten minutes late would be considered absent, and three continuous less than ten minutes entries into the class would be counted as one attendance.
4. A fine of Rs. 40/- would be charged for one absent.
5. A student has to take prior permission from the Incharge for not coming to the class or leave. In case of an emergency, the Incharge should be informed at the first availability. However, the Incharge alone would determine an emergency situation.
6. A student making eight absent classes in one mouth or ten absent classes in two months would be warned first orally and then in writing. Third time his case would be referred to the disciplinary committee and the decision would be made according to the rules and regulation.
7. The relevant Incharge would determine any genuine excuse.
Keeping in view the religious/national days a list of different vacations/holidays is given below, which are 133 days in total. This schedule is only applicable to the teaching staff and students. For other employees of the Al Kauthar a different schedule for holidays is applied.
Contact Information:
Al-Kauthar Islamic University
H-8 Sector
Islamabad, Pakistan
Website: http://www.alkauthar.edu.pk/index.html
Email: info@alkauthar.edu.pk

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