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'Mirza Shirazi Buzurg'

Haj Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi is popularly known as 'Mirza Shirazi Buzurg' was born in Shiraz on 15th Jamad AlAwwal 1230 AH. He did his preliminary studies in Isfahan and then migrated to Najaf to join the Hawza of 'Sahib-e-Jawahir'. After the death of "Sahib-e-Jawahir", he joined the classes of Shaikh Murtadha Ansari, becoming one of the most brilliant and highly regarded students. After the death of Shaikh Ansari, he became the sole Marja, his tenure lasting for 23 years. He is famous for his Tobacco fatwa which led to the abrogation of the notorious British monopoly in Iran.
Unfortunately, we do not have any of his written work on Fiqh, but his verdicts and Ijtihad have been known through his great students, like, Mulla Muhammad Kadhim Khurasani, Seyyid Muhammad Kadhim Taba Tabai, Haji Reza Hamadani, and Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi. He died in 1312 AH.

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