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The Sacrifice of Muhaqqiq Ardebili

Rawzātul Jannat contains an incident regarding Muhaqqiq Ardebili that during the times of famine he used to give away to the poor whatever he had. He used to live in poverty himself.
One day when he had donated all his possessions his wife became angry with him that he had deprived his children in such times when food was scarce.
He left his home and went to the mosque and sat there in Ehtekāf. An unknown person arrived at the door of his house and handed sacks of wheat and flour saying that master Ardebili sent it and that he was in Ehtekāf at the mosque of Kufa.
When Muhaqqiq Ardebili returned home from Ehtekāf his wife told him that he had sent very fine wheat and flour. When he learnt of the details he realized that it was a Divine favour upon him and fell down in prostration to thank the Almighty.
Many times it was seen that the Muhaqqiq left home with an expensive turban but if he encountered a beggar he tore a piece from it and gave it in alms. On numerous occasions he returned home bare-head.

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