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Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari(A.S.)

Imam Hasan al-Askari(A.S.) the eleventh holy Imam of the Shi'ites in the world was martyred by poisoning by the Abbasid caliph on 8th Rabi al-Awwal 260 A.H. and was buried beside his holy father Imam Ali un-Naqi al-Hadi(A.S.) in the city of Samarrah(Iraq).Imam Askari(A.S.) was only 28 years old at the time of martyrdom. Imam Askari (A.S.) was succeeded by the Awaited Living Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (A.S.), the Awaited Savior who will establish the universal divine and heavenly rule in the whole world.
On the sad and grievous occasion of the Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Hasan Askari(A.S.) we extend our Heartfelt Grief and Condolences to all the lovers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt(A.S.) and all the oppressed and truth seeking people in the world who are awaiting the Reappearance, Second Coming and Advent of Imam Mahdi(A.S.),the Awaited Savior.

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